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Travel & Tourism in Europe

Travel & Tourism in Europe

Our Travel & Tourism channel articles highlight tours in Europe, including trips in Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Moscow, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. How you get there will depend on the your choices of places to visit in Europe, your schedule, preferences and travel experience. You might travel by car or take a train across Europe, and if you plan to go further afield, even...

Travel & Tourism - Essential Articles

20/10/2014 Spend a weekend in Berlin, like a local

Explore the beautiful and historic capital of Germany with our insider tips for two days in Berlin. [Contributed by KLM]

20/03/2014 Festivals in Belgium 2014

Festivals in Belgium Festivals in Belgium have long been a major part of Belgian culture. From the historic to the musical and onto the religious, Belgium's festivals attract huge crowds every year.

14/03/2012 Rick Steves: What's new in France and Spain for 2012

Rick Steves: What's new in France and Spain for 2012 Travel writer Rick Steves highlights positive changes to expect in France and Spain in 2012.

16/08/2011 Rick Steves: Three top Rhineland castles to visit

Rick Steves: Three top Rhineland castles to visit Visiting the Rhineland can overwhelm you with too many castles to tour in too little time. To help you prioritize, Rick Steves offers his favourites