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Expat Rentals

Renting versus buying a home in Europe is a common dilemma expats face when they arrive in their new location. You will need to take many factors into consideration before deciding, including how long you plan to live in your new country of residence and the current property market.

Unless your company provides expat apartments, or you can find something through friends, it is advisable to go through a reliable rental agency.

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Renting - Essential Articles

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Renting an apartment in the Netherlands House-hunting in the Netherlands? Here's our guide of useful terms in the Dutch language to help you find the accommodation you need, from renting a room to buying a house.

01/02/2014 Housing in Belgium: Know the basics

Housing in Belgium: Know the basics Here is an introduction on what to expect when moving to Belgium and deciding what to do with renting a home in Brussels, buying a home in Ghent, and everything in between.

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10/09/2013 Renting a property in Germany

"Renting a home in Germany" Understand your rights as a tenant when you rent a house or apartment in Germany. Here's an essential guide to the German rental market.