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Relocation costs

As Expatica article Managing your move abroad points out, the basic things to consider during expat relocation are visas and permits, vaccines for family members, restrictions or taxes on shipped household items, taxes due when you ship your car, vaccines and quarantines for pets and insurance.

Expat relocation services

Find out what you can expect from and how to work with a relocation firm. If your company is relocating you, look...

Relocation - Essential Articles

12/08/2014 10 tips on moving to a new country

moving abroad The first weeks and months in a new country can be exciting yet disorienting as you adapt to a new life abroad. Here are 10 tips to make your move abroad easier.

02/02/2014 Switching on: Belgian utilities

Just arrived? Our updated guide will help you get connected to Belgium's utilities, plus telephone, television and internet services.

02/01/2013 Bringing a pet to France

Bringing a pet to France Pets are welcome in France but there are strict rules relating to bringing pets into the country, particularly around proving they are healthy and are transported appropriately.

15/11/2012 Bringing your pet to Germany

Bringing your pet to Germany Pets are welcome in Germany but there are strict rules relating to bringing pets into the country and also their behaviour and control while they are in the country.