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NS fears empty trains

Insights into Dutch sexulality

Dutch unemployment up sharply

Listing of international schools in the Netherlands

Guide to public transport in the Netherlands

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24/10/2014 Celebrate with us:’s new look

As Expatica enters its 15th year in 2015, we want to celebrate the launch of our newly designed website with our international readers.

23/10/2014 UN court to hear new mass grave evidence in Mladic case

The Yugoslav war crimes court on Thursday ruled prosecutors may include new evidence in their genocide case against Bosnian Serb army chief Ratko...

23/10/2014 Bank workers lose more perks, mortgage discount set to go

People who work for banks and insurance companies are losing their mortgage discount as financial services companies trim staff perks, the...

23/10/2014 Give locals more say over their communities, Labour MP says

A Labour MP is working on proposals which would give local communities more control over their own neighbourhoods, allowing them, for example, to...

23/10/2014 Tour de France starts in Utrecht with a 14 km individual race

Next year's Tour de France cycle race will start in the Dutch city of Utrecht with a 13.7 kilometre individual time trial, the event's...

23/10/2014 Road worker killed by lorry, major traffic chaos on A12

A serious accident on the A12 motorway at Woerden has cost one road worker his life and brought chaos to the roads around Rotterdam and The Hague.

23/10/2014 Unilever says 3Q sales dip, blames China slowdown

Dutch food and cosmetics giant Unilever on Thursday posted a third quarter drop in sales down 2.0 percent, blaming a slowdown in emerging markets,...

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Community Noticeboard The Netherlands

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Setting up home in the Netherlands

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Lost in the Dutch immigration system? Look no further than this guide compiled for our Survival Guide 2012.

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