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Jean-Baptiste Trannoy
Name: Jean-Baptiste Trannoy
Expert in: Relationships
Title: Dating Coach
Personal Info: Jean-Baptiste is a French dating-lifestyle coach and has been living in Amsterdam since 2003. Originally from Paris, he studied political science and economics at University of Paris-Sorbonne and in Canada. He is a Business Graduate and studied Arts and Heritage at University of Maastricht in The Netherlands. He is also a qualified make-up artist and organises events in Amsterdam with the “Bon Esprit” collective.

Fascinated from an early age by the game of seduction, Jean-Baptiste became a noted dating and relationship columnist for in 2006. He was hailed as a “Master Seducer” by Le Journal Du Dimanche in 2008. He founded Blusher Seduction that same year to help single men and women to create the love-life they really want. Since then, he has been coaching single expats of various ages and nationalities through one-on-one workshops, masterclasses and seminars.
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I’m a single guy and just arrived in Luxembourg for an assignment. I have no idea of what Luxembourg people are like culturally and how I would go about striking up friendships with women. The people seem friendly enough - too friendly almost - and speak loads of languages and I cannot cut through the banter somehow.

Brit in Luxembourg

Read Answer by EditorCH on 26/04/2010
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Dear Ipek Akalin, I am a Brazilian/Luxembourgian citizen living in Brazil with my Brazilian husband. We decided to sell our company, apt, car, everything and move to Luxembourg for sake. The problem is that I have been dis-encouraged as I wont be able to rent a place as I don't have a job contract. Is that right? Our idea was living on our savings plus my husband's job contract with a huge industry in Brazil at the beginning. Is it impossible to rent without a job contract? Thank you.
Read Answer by Flavia
Dear Ipek,

I would like to get a PACS with my girlfriend from FYR Macedonia, is this something you can arrange for us?

Kind regards,

Read Answer by Tim

I am a non-EU citizen who applied for a work permit in Luxembourg. During the process I've married and my last name has changed. My temporary work permit will be granted according to my maiden name because dcuments that I used for application were on my maiden name.. What is the procedure for me to follow to change my name on work permit? What do I need to do to prevent any type of trouble while entering the country or getting my permanent work permit.

Thank in advance.

Read Answer by V.

I am EU citizen in a relationship with non-EU girl (Indonesian). She's a student here (bachelor) and she has a valid visa until 07/2015 - then she'll graduate. She is worried that her visa will not be renewed unless she finds a job before that date. Isn't there any period of time to look for a job after graduation?

My question is - if we will enter in PACS, will here visa be extended even if she won't find a job by then? What would be the requirements for us?

Thank you for your help,
Read Answer by Adam

I am Canadian. I will be relocating to Luxembourg to be with my husband ( a Belgian citizen and permanent resident of Luxembourg). I read that the process to get my carte de séjour is very easy. It looks like I only need to go to the commune with my marriage certificate and passport. Is that really all they need? That seems way to easy to me. Thank you!
Read Answer by anne
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Visas, permits and citizenship in Luxembourg

Visas, permits and citizenship in Luxembourg

Since 2008, the work permit and the residence permit (for third country national workers) have been merged into a single permit, the Autorisation de séjour. Since 2009, dual or multiple citizenship has been permitted.

Buying or renting a house in Luxembourg

Buying or renting a house in Luxembourg

Whether you decide to buy or rent in the Grand Duchy, here is our short housing guide, including a look at some of the areas you might want to live in.

The healthcare system in Luxembourg

The healthcare system in Luxembourg

Whether it’s finding a doctor or figuring out how to fill your prescription, we give you the basics you need to stay healthy in Luxembourg.

Banking in Luxembourg

Banking in Luxembourg

Here is a list of some of the many banks based in Luxembourg.