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Living abroad

Living abroad

Living abroad requires a certain type of lifestyle. First coined in 1929 by an Austrian psychologist, the term ‘lifestyle’ reflects the attitudes and values of a person or group, which includes social relations, consumption, entertainment and dress. Being an expat, of course, is a lifestyle in and of itself.

Expat lifestyle: The chameleon wanderer

Expat life engenders an international outlook coupled with an ability to blend relatively...

Lifestyle - Essential Articles

21/10/2014 Maastricht University participates in EURA-NET research project

Are you an Asian expat in the Netherlands on a temporary residence permit? If so, Maastricht University would love to talk to you about your experiences. [Contributed by Maastricht University]

15/04/2014 Discovering Belgium: Discovering Durbuy

Discovering Belgium: Discovering Durbuy Known the smallest town in the world, Durbuy's riverside setting makes it a picturesque getaway from Belgium's capital of Brussels.

25/02/2014 Prête-Moi Paris: Co-working and free computer use in Paris

"Prête-Moi Paris: Free computer use in Paris" EPN provides public spaces for all ages in Paris: Co-working desks, free computer and internet use, plus 'initiation' lessons for those unfamiliar with computer technology.

02/04/2013 Party Earth: Berlin's nightlife 48-hour challenge

Party Earth: Berlin's nightlife 48-hour challenge Where to check out some of Berlin's best social spots in one (busy!) weekend.

02/09/2014 The Holland Handbook: A dose of Dutch culture

The Holland Handbook: Culture in the Netherlands Immerse yourself in all aspects of Dutch culture with this brief overview of the many festivals, monuments, exhibits, and museums that showcase culture in the Netherlands.

16/10/2013 Unexpected Traveller: Guide to Gare du Midi

"The Unexpected Traveller: Guide to understanding Gare du Midi" Gare du Midi is cryptic and confuses many a visitor when first arriving to Belgium. Here's a guide to unravelling Belgium's main station to make Gare du Midi a little less 'unexpected'.

24/09/2013 Becoming Madame: Parisian guide to outdoor markets

"Becoming Madame: Parisian guide to outdoor markets" A comprehensive local guide to Paris's best outdoor markets, arranged by arrondissement to help you easily find the closest Parisian market to you.

12/02/2013 Rick Steves: The Rhine River - raging with history

Rick Steves: The Rhine River - raging with history Rick Steves explains his captivation with the Rhine.

14/07/2014 The Holland Handbook: Fun kids activities in the Netherlands

"The Holland Handbook: Fun things to do with kids in the Netherlands" Stuck for fun kids activities in the Netherlands? Here's a comprehensive children's guide for extracurricular activities, scouts, petting zoos, museums, rainy day options, and more!

19/08/2013 Together Magazine: Summer fun in Knokke

"Together Magazine: Summer fun in Knokke" Here are some top events and attractions happening in the charming coastal town of Knokke town in August and September.