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The "i am not a tourist" Expat Blog Competition

Expatica presents the 2nd "i am not a tourist"

The nominees in the "i am not a tourist" Expat Blog Competition are:

Aesthetic Fauna

On Homelessness
A few months ago, I came across an article detailing general Dutch opinions about some of the nationalities that have settled within their borders. They feel "ambivalent about the British." The French and Italians have [read more]


I'm not a tourist but I 'm not really Dutch either...
With a suitcase, a really full bag, my viola with a tennis racket strapped onto it I board the plane. Alone. Depature was from Harare, Zimbabwe and the destination Schiphol international [read more]

Invader Stu

The Englishman Who Spoke Good English
It has finally happened. After all the years of waiting and hoping and wondering how I would respond it has finally happened, the one thing I have been waiting for all this time.
It all started when I spotted [read more]


Most romantic restaurants in Amsterdam
Where to go for a dinner for two in Amsterdam... How about a dinner on the water or in a grand canal house? Or are you looking for an intimate wine bar with a good chef and passionate sommelier? Here's [read more]

Kristin Anderson

Make your Breasts Wet
When we moved to the Netherlands two years ago, I had only a rudimentary understanding of the Dutch language. A lack of fluency compromises your ability to participate in a culture in the same way smoking too much dope [read more]

Lena Fäustle

Mirror Mirror! How to decorate your Dutch mantelpiece
This post represents how much I'm informed about Amsterdam already. I discovered a typical spot where mostly Dutch people come. A hidden gem in Amsterdam. So I thought, I go and have [read more]

Nicola Chadwick

Is the gentrification of North´s docklands complete... or can we hold on to that NDSM feeling?
In the 1950s the NDSM shipyard was Europe's biggest shipbuilding wharf. Back then it "smelt of oil and tar rather than marijuana, [read more]

Olga Mecking

I am not a tourist!
When I passed my exams to secondary schools - my mom and I went to a trip to Italy. It was a great trip during which we visited different cities and saw many sights. We went there during the summer and it was very crowded. [read more]

Patrick Rogers

The law, the law...
The mayor of Amsterdam has announced that the city's cannabis coffee shops will remain open, today's Independent reports. This follows a move to force them to only provide this for those able to prove residency. [read more]

Persephone Abbott

It Always Comes from Afar, One Day
In summer I heard of his death, not unexpected. There were few reactions, many slow, and yet I felt the loss distinctly, a sting under my ribcage although I had not set eyes on him for years. "I [read more]

Pinaki Ghatak

I arrived here in Netherlands in 2006 from the U.S. A year later my girlfriend (now my wife) migrated. We are both working in Dutch companies

During the course of 7 years - we studied the dutch language - did courses - made friends - and even passed [read more]

Rhea Ong Yiu

I still don't go shopping on my bike,
I still don't fancy topping my bread with hagelslag,
I still don't like the taste of beer,
or licorice or any kind of drop.
Milk is definitely not a part of my meal,
neither is burkool, stampoot,
and [read more]

Rina Mae Acosta

My Mom is a Foreigner, but Not to Me
When I learned that Juliane Moore authored a children's book titled "My Mom is a Foreigner, but Not to Me", it hit a raw nerve. The book instantly made it on my Christmas Wish List.
I'm [read more]

Susan Jimenez

Ice skating over frozen lakes & canals - it's a breeze!
Dutch winter Sunday's are meant to be for lazing around, indulging yourself with hot chocolate or a cuppa tea and a great movie. You see, for people like me who were grew up [read more]

Ute Limacher-Riebold

What I like in the Netherlands and why I'm not a tourist...
After the first period called "honeymoon phase" where everything seems pretty and great in a new place, expats often tend to compain about the new location. I passed [read more]

Windmillfields and 2little monkeysinBreda

Stepping over .........
Many things have got me thinking recently about how I feel about living here and in the Netherlands.
One of my very first posts on this blog was about being an Expat and whether you ever actually belonged. There I asked [read more]

Yvette Cendes

The Trials and Tribulations of Bluey the Bicycle
This is Bluey the Bicycle. Bluey and I first became acquainted the week when I first moved to Amsterdam and ended up purchasing her at the giant Albert Cuyp Market (which I have promptly never [read more]