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17/04/2013Distinguish yourself globally with collaborative management

Distinguish yourself globally with collaborative management Collaborative management is a growing practice that provides managers with the tools and knowledge needed to excel in today's globalised market.

Distinguish yourself globally with collaborative management

In an increasingly globalised business world, managers are faced with the complexity of leading diverse teams that can span cultures, industries or backgrounds. This complex environment requires leaders to continually innovate approaches to cooperation and communication in order to maintain a competitive advantage. How then can managers get the intellect, insight and brave thinking required to excel in the 21st-century marketplace?

What is collaborative managment?

Collaborative management describes an emerging practice focussed on delivering optimal results across organisational boundaries, in response to the growth in strategic alliances between organisations and the creation of public private partnerships. This management style focuses on strategically choosing team members, whether inside or outside an organisation, to contribute to a common goal according to each of their strengths. Collaborative leaders then use management techniques that focus on creating purposeful relationships between these collaborators, consequently enhancing communication and cooperation along the chain.

This success of this collaboration theory functions on the premise that combining the strengths of one manager with the strengths of others will help a project achieve optimised results. The importance of such skills in today's business environment is why collaborative management is a focal point on the Kellogg-WHU Executive MBA Program. Kellogg-WHU's EMBA provides graduates the exact training, tools and knowledge needed to excel in today's globalised society, helping leaders to excel in managing teams that are increasingly characterised by diversity.

Collaborative management across cultures

Collaborative managers have the knowledge to implement business strategies that are aimed at utilising networking capacity as the main component of achieving a project. As such, leaders focus on managing the process, rather than the people, minimising difficulties that may arise when one partner operates differently from another.

Learning the tools, techniques and methodologies of collaborative management leads managers to target the strengths of each individual involved in a process to increase the efficiency of the offering overall. Strategically utilising the skills of each team member increases the strength of the whole network, allowing managers to avoid weak links in the chain.
Distinguish yourself globally with collaborative management

Collaborative management across industries
By extending management horizontally, collaborative leaders can downplay any potential obstacles by communicating with each manager or supervisor to combine their industry knowledge. Managers can consequently lead business strategies based on the best possible information and capacity of each player.

Collaborative management training provides leaders with the tools to manage and regulate the communication between stakeholders and standardise the process for maximised efficiency.

Collaborative management across backgrounds
Collaborative management breaks the traditional business structure by placing each collaborator on an equal footing in the decision-making and problem-solving process. Involving each manager in these processes helps avoid conflict by reaching a collaborative business strategy that satisfies each player. Consequently, collaborative management often enhances a sense of teamwork, increased responsibility, efficiency and coordination, uniting teams that are characterised by diversity.

Study collaborative management

The joint Kellogg-WHU Executive MBA Program is designed for managers who strive to become more effective and responsible leaders in today's high-pressure competitive business environment.
Distinguish yourself globally with collaborative management
The Kellogg-WHU EMBA program encourages graduates to lead with a new vision. It combines American and European management knowledge to cultivate team leadership skills of executives and managers who are active in an international arena. Furthermore, graduates of the EMBA join a global community of more than 54,000 other Kellogg alumni who set the standard for inspired leadership worldwide.

"Being a leader in today's world requires an ability to react to global trends, build global partnerships and, importantly, engage people within your organization to deliver high performance. Although leadership is an art form that I feel needs to be continuously developed, the Kellogg-WHU EMBA goes a long way towards preparing leaders to face these challenges," says David MacMillian, an EMBA graduate and strategy and planning manager.

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 Distinguish yourself globally with collaborative management

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