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10/10/2012 Why the EU isn't working: immigration and linguistic rules

The European Union remains a strong influence on the lives of its citizens – regulating the flow of labour across national borders, employment rights and access to jobs. However, employers are being called upon to act as border guards of last resort and the nationalistic linguistic policies of many EU member states remain a major problem.

08/05/2012 Unearthing the roots of unemployment

Is unemployment simply the outcome of the economic downturn or are other important factors at work?

21/02/2012 pwc: Growth reimagined: The talent race is back on

In this Award winning paper, experts at pwc share their insights concerning innovative talent strategies for success in the next decade.

03/08/2011 Talking about the people side of M&A

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04/09/2009 What CEOs can learn from farmers in times of crisis

This year has seen the much publicised rise of a financial and economic crisis, but what about a less publicised parallel human resource crisis?