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03/12/2014 Calling all HR: Take part in the 2015 Global Mobility Survey

Are you responsible for overseeing your company's Global Mobility programme or have responsibility for transferring your company's employees internationally? If so, take part in the 2015 Global Mobility Survey. [Contributed by Global Mobility]

15/08/2014 Dual global mobility: How to show spouses you care

Even today, helping dual-career couples go abroad is not as common practice as it needs to be. Colleen Reichrath-Smith and Jo Parfitt explain how to improve the assistance you offer to expat spouses.

25/11/2011 'Send more women on international assignments' say experts

An international expert has revealed that fewer than 20 percent of women are given international assignments in business, despite being better equipped to handle the pressures of working abroad.

10/01/2011 Lack of partner employment adversely affects talent mobility

Expatica HR Top 5 Industry Survey Awards’ winner highlights how a few focused improvements on the part of employers and governments can make a triple win for families, employers and the countries in which they work.

31/08/2010 EC proposals on intra-corporate transferees have no provision for partners to work

European Commission’s proposals on intra-corporate transferees fail to address the needs of working spouses.