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23/01/2013 Expatriate Kids do become well-adjusted adults

Why parents needn't worry about the effect expatriation has on their children.

20/12/2012 Amsterdam Mamas: Best Christmas markets

Amsterdam Mamas: Our favourite - Christmas markets Here is Amsterdam Mamas' list of their favourite Christmas markets in the Netherlands and Germany.

25/08/2011 Remote training for expatriates

Jeff Toms of Farnham Castle discusses the advantages of remote training when relocating to a new country.

19/08/2011 Legal clarity needed on 'caste discrimination', say law experts

An Indian couple who worked at a Coventry-based law firm have become the first to cite caste discrimination in a wrongful dismissal case.

17/02/2011 Clements International's Expat Youth Scholarship

Now in its third year, Clements International's Expat Youth Scholarship is a unique contest exclusively for expat students who spend their childhoods moving between different countries and cultures.