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  • Buying

    In Expatica’s article ‘Property in the Netherlands’, an expert in international mortgages states: “One of the major effects of the credit crunch in Europe has been the willingness of banks to lend mortgages at affordable terms and rates… Of course, in terms of prices, property is just an asset class like any other investment, and over time we will see cycles of high growth and times of...
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  • Renting

    Renting versus buying a home in Europe is a common dilemma expats face when they arrive in their new location. You will need to take many factors into consideration before deciding, including how long you plan to live in your new country of residence and the current property market.

    Unless your company provides expat apartments, or you can find something through friends, it is advisable to go...
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  • Where to Live

    One of the most important decisions you’ll make upon arriving at your new location is where to live. The cost of housing, proximity to work, schools and amenities should be considered as well as your preferred neighbourhood. Some people prefer to stay in neighbourhoods popular with other internationals, while others choose to live in areas popular with locals. An Expatica poll reveals that...

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