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Choosing a university in Europe

Choosing a university

If you are already living outside your home country, selecting a university or college education will depend on the field of study you are interested in and the quality of education. As well as the system and quality of teaching, you will have to take into account financial support given to the national universities and research institutions by the government in your country of residence, including international scholarships. Even...

Higher Education - Essential Articles

08/01/2014 Higher education in the Netherlands

A guide to the Dutch higher education system which includes universities of applied sciences (hogescholen) and universities (universiteit) in the Netherlands.

25/01/2013 Belgian universities

Belgian universities What to continue your studies in Belgium? Here’s a round up of the country’s top universities.

23/11/2011 Higher education in France: Your options

Higher education So now that your child has passed the baccalauréat, what comes next? Universities in France, colleges in France, school in Paris, vocational studies, Lycéem Bachelor's and Masters are all viable options.