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Expatriate healthcare

Expatriate healthcare

Health insurance abroad is just as important as health insurance in your homeland. But it's likely to be different in your new country of residence. Take time to find out how expat medical care works to make sure that your health coverage is to your preferred standard. That's especially important if you plan to have a baby abroad. Look for Expatica’s practical guide to the healthcare system on the healthcare channel of each...

Healthcare - Essential Articles

24/06/2014 Guide to health insurance for international students in the Netherlands

Guide to healthcare insurance for international students in The Netherlands If you are planning to study in the Netherlands, find out if you need to enrol for the mandatory Dutch healthcare insurance while you live in the Netherlands.

31/01/2014 Hospitals in Belgium

Hospitals in Belgium A quick guide to the main hospitals in Belgium, as well as hospitals in Antwerp and other cities in Belgium.

18/12/2013 Guide to health insurance in France

Health insurance in France France's healthcare system provides some of the best public health care in the world, although private health insurance may be necessary for certain circumstances.

30/10/2012 Having a baby in Germany

Overview of maternity and childbirth care Our guide to prenatal care, delivery, aftercare, and maternity and paternity leave in Germany.