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  • Expat fitness

    Moving abroad isn’t just about starting a new job, learning the language and setting up home. Once you’ve arrived and settled in, you’ll probably want to find out where you can play your favourite sport, the best places to run or walk in your neighbourhood or where to find the best dance classes or sailing lessons if you're on a coast. Start by checking out the local expat leagues, expat...
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  • Expatriate healthcare

    Health insurance abroad is just as important as health insurance in your homeland. But it's likely to be different in your new country of residence. Take time to find out how expat medical care works to make sure that your health coverage is to your preferred standard. That's especially important if you plan to have a baby abroad. Look for Expatica’s practical guide to the healthcare system...
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  • Relocation challenges

    The stress involved with moving to a new country throws many expats off balance. Traumas, bad relationships and life's disappointments seem to become a thing of the past as you pack your bags and face a new future full of possibilities. But once the honeymoon wears off, the subsequent expatriate adjustment process can be difficult as one settles into a new culture and lifestyle. Expat...
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