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  • Expat banking in Europe

    If you're an expat, you'll need to open a bank account abroad. The paperwork associated with expat banking can be a hassle at first, but it often eliminates the fees associated with withdrawing cash from back home. Overseas savings accounts also give you quick access to cash and a face-to-face relationship with local financial advisers who can help you with international mortgages and other...
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  • Business

    Starting a business abroad is easy. But you need to understand the local business culture. How do you register a business if you are an expat? What are the rules and regulations for expat entrepreneurs, including freelancers? Expatica’s business channel addresses the basics to help expats find their feet and start a business in unfamiliar territory. Articles like Setting up your own business...
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  • Overseas insurance

    Understanding overseas insurance is essential for expats, whether it be medical, work-related, life insurance, insuring your house or car or taking out special insurance relevant to your lifestyle. Some countries require self-employed expats to insure themselves. All Expatica country sites provide overviews of insurance for foreigners. The bottom line is: insure yourself, your home, car and...
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  • Navigating the expat tax system

    Taxes in your native country are complicated enough. Expatriate taxes can be totally confusing. Common questions addressed within articles on Expatica’s Tax channel include: ‘How does the income tax system in my new country of residence work?’, ‘Does my new country of residence tax expats or do tax rules back home still apply?’, ‘Where can I find a financial advisor specialising in expat tax...
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