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  • Raising bilingual children

    Language brings up many questions for parents who are moving with kids to another country or raising bilingual children in another culture. Expatica covers the ins and outs of raising a baby abroad and whether to send your children to an international or local school. For more information check out our School and Languages topic pages.

    Having a baby abroad

    For women, having a baby abroad can...
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  • Partners

    Expatica’s Partners channel offers advice on relationships and expat dating, especially helpful for new ‘global nomads’ who have launched themselves into their new life abroad with enthusiasm, often without the emotional and logistical support of a partner. Or read about expats dating the locals in articles such as Dating in Spain which offers tips from six expats who took the plunge....
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  • Moving pets

    Pets are part of the family, but bringing them with you can be challenging. International requirements vary from country to country, so it’s critical to work with quality international pet transport companies that are up-to-date with current import regulations. Moving pets may be simpler within Europe, but make sure that your pet has an official EU Pet Passport that shows your trusty...
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