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Expat Voices

Our Expat Voices series gives the international community a chance to share their perspectives on life abroad, in Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and the UK.

Expat Voices - Essential Articles

03/06/2014 Expat Entrepreneur: Héctor Cortés on creating a business in the Netherlands

Expat entrepreneur Héctor Cortés shares his positive and negative experiences of setting up an online business in the Netherlands.

10/10/2011 Expat Voices: Stephen Myers in De Pinte

Expat Voices: Stephen Myers in De Pinte British expat Stephen Myers enjoys the quality of life in Belgium, but is frustrated by the bureaucracy.

23/08/2011 Expat Entrepreneur: Laura Murat on Southern Burgundy

Laura Murat started her own housing and relocation business specific to Southern Burgundy, and talks about hurdles and gives advice to budding entrepreneurs.

25/07/2011 Expat Voices: Aliye Kurt - Suedhoff on living in Bonn

Turkish-Canadian expat Aliye Kurt likes living in Germany much more than she had imagined but notices "stereotypes that limit the education and career chances of cultural minorities."

16/07/2013 Xian Wang on starting a business in the Netherlands

Chinese expat Xian Wang discusses the positives and negatives of the Dutch business environment for starting a company in the Netherlands.

25/08/2011 Living in Belgium: What the expats think

Living in Belgium Moving to Belgium and interested to hear what other expats think of life in Belgium? Living in Belgium already and interested in voicing your opinion?

03/05/2011 Editor's Guide: Expat Voices in France

Read this brief guide to learn more about our Expat Voices section and share your thoughts on life in France by filling out a questionnaire.

03/05/2011 Editor's guide to Expat Voices in Germany

Read this brief guide to learn more about our Expat Voices section and share your thoughts (or tale) on life in Germany.

06/11/2012 Expat Entrepreneur: Nina Schein on running a business in Amsterdam

Nina runs Your Personal Manager, a planning, management and organization company.

02/08/2011 Expat Voices: Dusan Zalig on living in Belgium

Dusan Zalig talks about what he loves most about Brussels, like chocolate and beer, and some things he could do without, such as the political climate.