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  • Intercultural training, courses and workshops

    Taking up your personal interest again or starting a new one via expatriate training is a great way of settling into your new country and discovering and developing new talents. So whether it is expat courses in wine-tasting, yoga, Jazz dancing, flying small planes, photography or a local sport, art or craft, go for it! Check out Expatica’s Groups & Clubs listings for Belgium, France, read more
  • Choosing a university in Europe

    If you are already living outside your home country, selecting a university or college education will depend on the field of study you are interested in and the quality of education. As well as the system and quality of teaching, you will have to take into account financial support given to the national universities and research institutions by the government in your country of residence,...
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  • Expat language learning

    Whatever your attitude to language learning, intercultural specialists all agree that learning the language of your new country of residence is a crucial step to understanding your adopted culture. After expat language training, doors will open for you—you’ll be able to deal with your own administration—and you’ll feel happier and more at ease in your new environment. Your French might not be...
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  • Pre-schools, including international Montessori Schools

    The childcare system
    For families with babies and young children, one of the first considerations upon arriving in their new country of residence is finding quality international child care. This will include day care facilities for babies and young children and international nursery care for 2–4 year olds. Check out our features on pre-schools and nurseries in Belgium, France, Germany, the...
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  • Choosing an international school

    International schools are often the first option considered by expat parents. Designed to ease the educational transition of a move from one country to another, such expat schools are a good choice for the children of foreign parents who are staying temporarily in the host country. (Check out Expatica’s A-Z listings in the Education category for a listing of international schools in Belgium,
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