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22/10/2014 New flights to Berlin, Milan and Barcelona

The Belgian airline Jetairfly has announced three new destinations for its flights from Antwerp and Ostend. Berlin, Milan and Barcelona have all...

22/10/2014 Remnants of hurricane Gonzalo spare Belgium

The remnants of hurricane Gonzalo left a trail of devastation across many parts of Belgium on Tuesday, though damage was much less than feared.

22/10/2014 ECB hasn't seriously discussed stimulus 'Plan B': council member

The European Central Bank has not "seriously" discussed a purchase of corporate bonds as another way of pumping cash into the stalling eurozone...

17/10/2014 Panic over Ebola reaches fever-pitch despite calls for calm

Airport baggage handlers refusing to unload suitcases, a journalist quarantined by his wife, parents taking kids out of school: hysteria over Ebola...

16/10/2014 Ebola: Questions about a stealthy virus

The Ebola virus species that has killed more than 4,000 people in west Africa caught everyone by surprise when it erupted thousands of kilometres...

07/10/2014 BSB student-led charity Best of Both on TV

BSB’s student-led charity the Best of Both is featured on the Brussels regional TV station tvbrussel in a five-week series. [Contributed by BSB]

16/10/2014 General strike set for 15 December

Belgium’s three main trades unions have planned to stage a general strike on Monday 15 December against the new Belgian government's...

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Business in Belgium

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Business in Belgium

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Looking for work in Belgium

Looking for work in Belgium

This handy guide from Expertise in Labour Mobility includes how to write a CV, application procedure, interview dos and don'ts, Belgian management culture.

Practical, easy-to-use, free and... in English

Practical, easy-to-use, free and... in English

Belgium’s first alternative directory assistance services - available through the shortcode 14-14 - can now be accessed on the internet.

Finding a rental home in Belgium

Finding a rental home in Belgium

Moving to Belgium presents a host of challenges to expats, not least of all finding the right home.

Learning to cope with life abroad

Learning to cope with life abroad

The psychological effects of global mobility can be physically painful.