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European Arts & Culture

European Arts & Culture

Our monthly What’s on in Europe guide directs you to mainstream cultural events and exhibitions in Europe, while our What’s on calendar keeps you in touch with arts abroad and the museums Europe offers in Spain. You can also add your own event to our listings.

Traveling around Spain? Read about Toledo and its museums, check out what's beyon flamenco and bulls in Seville, or read the top ten things to see in Madrid.

Arts & Culture - Essential Articles

04/09/2013 Top events in September for culture buffs

Cultural events in Europe: What's on in August A guide to what's on in all the hotspot cities across Europe. Don't miss the most exciting art and cultural events happening this September.

13/09/2011 Museums in Brussels

royalmuseumBEhead From the modern art museum to the Belgian Museums of Fine Arts, great museums are one of the many things to do in Brussels. Pick your museum in Brussels with this helpful list.

26/07/2011 Around and about Paris: The First arrondissement

comédie-Française-head As tourists snake their way to the Louvre Pyramid, or pack beneath, you may crave some relief in the nearby gardens of the Palais Royal, an arcaded haven of tranquillity, especially in the early hours of the morning. Expert Thirza Vallois offers a historical tour.

20/06/2011 German pensioners take to clowning around

clown-head Ulrike Lueke-Rosendhal used to be a schoolteacher, but now it's the 63-year-old who acts the fool, not her pupils, touring Germany in a troupe of clowns made up of retirees.