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Expatica’s Partners channel offers advice on relationships and expat dating, especially helpful for new ‘global nomads’ who have launched themselves into their new life abroad with enthusiasm, often without the emotional and logistical support of a partner. Or read about expats dating the locals in articles such as Dating in Spain which offers tips from six expats who took the plunge. Expatica’s events for single expat women and men, the...

Partners - Essential Articles

22/05/2012 Same sex marriage: some facts and figures

Eleven years after the Netherlands became the first country to legalise same-sex marriage, homosexual couples still marry far less often than heterosexual couples, partly because they still face obstacles when they wish to have children.

14/04/2011 Divorce overseas: ten steps to protect your children

Frank Arndt looks at cases where the expat dream ends in despair and frustration. If your marriage breaks down, the prospects can be daunting if you are “stuck” in a foreign country.